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Born In Israel, Roy had your average beginning. Then, as if the confusion of his roots wouldn’t eventually turn this little fella into a skewed man, his parents pulled a mean trick…

…deciding to raise him in Kentucky.

Pursuing the profession of Stand-up Comedy was only inevitable.

Whether it’s making fun of his height (5’2), tackling personal issues, slamming an analytical magnifying glass on world events and society in general, or sharing a story from his travels – Roy’s comedy is live, direct, and playfully honest.

Fan’s rave of his wit, and all who have seen him appreciate his will to speak his mind. Though he often leads his audience to the very edge, he shows great tact in realizing where it is and attempts to tread past the threshold only when necessary and never for the cheap, yet often sought-after “shock value” laugh. His set material focuses on self-deprecation, hypocrisy in politics (is that redundant?), double standards in culture, and his ability for story telling of topics that all audience members can enjoy. Not only will Roy’s show have you doubled over with laughter, but it will also undoubtedly move you to thought and reason. No, really…

Roy has performed throughout the USA, Canada, and for the United States troops, both abroad and on U.S. soil. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Jim Breuer, Tommy Davidson, Don Rickles, Kevin Nealon, Iliza Shlesinger, Tom Arnold, Tim Wilson, Tom Green, Christopher Titus, Rodney Carrington, and many more. He was also a semi finalist in the prestigious International San Francisco Comedy Competition (past competitors include: Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Sinbad and Dana Carvey, to name a few). He was also recently a participant in the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Comedy Festival. So, come on out to the show, warm up your face muscles, and prepare your tear ducts for an evening of hilarity. You’ll be sure to have BIG fun with this little dude!

“One of the funniest, original and socially conscience comedians that we know.”

Rob Haney, Comedian, Owner (former) Wiley’s Comedy Club (Dayton, OH), Bob & Tom contributing writer

“He walks the tip of the political edge with the balance of a mountain goat.”

--Peter Sasso, Comedian and Cruise Ship Entertainer of the year

“This man is hilarious!”

-Tony Orlando

“Roy Haber uses his stand-up to break down political, religious and social barriers… to help himself and others through tough times.”

-Kentucky Kernel

“I ruptured one of my testicles at a Roy Haber show… Second joke.”

- Unknown

“He gets funnier and more twisted each time I see him. I truly mean that.”

Derek Richards, Comedian

“If life is analogous to a journey through the forest – and the masses tout “success” as being focused enough to find your way out… then Roy Haber is proudly one of the lost.”

-– Doug Lidster

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